Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mindflowers - Improgressive

Genre: Instrumental / Progressive Metal / Jazz-Fusion
From: Hungary
Year: 2002
Quality: 320 Kbps
So unknown, they don`t have any site, far as I`m concerned.

Track List

1. Red Spider
2. Falling
3. Sick Spirit
4. Why?
5. Why Not?
6. Crying Skies
7. Knowing The Path
8. Flo`s Kisses
9. Talk With Myself

Check A Song: "Red Spider"(Youtube)
Perhaps one of all-time favorite albums of Progressive Metal? Maybe Top 10 along with their second and last album (which I would definitely post, but it's impossible to find a 320 Kbps version of it). Anyways, super duper jazzy stuff, everyone is on point with their instruments, especially the bassist, it's very up-front and the dude definitely shines throughout the album. For prog fanatics only really, not for everyone.

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