Wednesday, February 8, 2012

White Arms Of Athena - Astrodama

Genre: Progressive Metalcore / Experimental / oldBTBAMcore
From: Dallas, Texas (USA)
Year: 2011
Quality: 320 Kbps (CD-Rip)

Track List 

I: Conception
01. Act I: Evince
02. Act I: Ascend

II: Esoteric Allusions
03. Act II: Creationed
04. Act II: Recreationed

III: Implementing Geomancy
05. Act III: Crown Chakra
06. Act III: Astral Body
07. Act III: In The Encephalon
08. Act III: Superhuman

IV: Blueprints for a Time Machine
09. Act IV: Astrodrama

Act IV:
10.From Now On

Check A Song: "Creationed"(Youtube)
*Drum roll* And the BTBAM award of 2011 goes to...these guys!! Their influence over these guys' sound is very apparent and normally I frown upon BTBAM soundalikes, but these guys do it so well. This is one of those albums that's much better if listened all the way through without skipping anything. Everyone's on point with their instruments (especially the guitarists) and it's very energetic, very upbeat stuff.

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