Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dinotrax - There Will Be Bears (EP)

Genre: Experimental/ Nintendocore / Deathcore
From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA)
Year: 2009

Track List

1. Chaos Casino
2. Where it all began
3. 7 years
4. Creeps up, Bloods down
5. Theres no Cinnabuns on Cinnabar Island
6. Books, Fuck Books
7. Dolphins are Photogenic
8. Don't go into the forest alone
9. Secrets of the forbidden city
10. When stars have nightmares
11. Whos the dick blocking the road
Shitty sound-quality Genericore with 8-Bit synths? I'm in!! Their first EP, one of the firsts I heard when I was experimenting with this stuff. I fucking love this, but I'm pretty sure many will not due to mediocre quality and just for being generic deathcore.

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