Sunday, March 11, 2012

Helia - Shivers

Genre: Post-Hardcore / Electronic
From: Republic Of San Marino, Italy
Year: 2009
Quality: 320 Kbps
Track List

1. We are the Light
2. Metempsychosis
3. Six Steps Closer
4. Push It! (feat. Becko)
5. Breakdown Playground
6. 2009:Paura
7. Str8 to North-East Lights
8. D.P.M. (Dance Party Massacre)
9. No Surrender (feat. Xjoshx)
10. Welcome
11. In Limbo
12. Shivers

While a lot of bands try to incorporate techno-ish stuff to their music, these guys sound more like Electronica incorporating "Core" into the music. A lot of focus on the synths, at times even makes them sound Atmospheric and kinda epic, to be honest.

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