Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rawesome - Discography

Genre: Nintendocore / Electronic
From: Harrisonburg, Virginia (USA)
Quality: All in 256 Kbps

Demo(ns) (2009)

Out Of The Blue (2009)
Check A Song: "FYGA"(Youtube)

A Dead Storm (2009)

Creation (2010) (3 tracks are 320 Kbps)
Check A Song: "Supernova"(Youtube) 
Currently, one of the most influential Nintendocore artists out there. Very chill stuff, but still pretty heavy with 8-bit Breakdowns; can't ask for more really. Also, he's the head of a major major major split with a lot of other Nintendocore artists (I'll try to find their respective stuff and post it), it's gonna be epic stuff.

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