Thursday, April 12, 2012

Go! With Fourteen O - The End Is Near Almost No Need For Money

 Genre: Nintendocore / Experimental
From: Göteborg, Sweden
Year: 2009
Quality: 320 Kbps
(I realize this is another band's FB - this band is now defunct and now they're known as "Fucking Werewolf Asso")
Track List

1. Hej då, nu dör jag! 
2. Civil eyes
3. Made a gun with my fingers and shot at my friends
4. Four more years
5. If nature was a bus you’d be cought in the headlights

6. George orwell’s collection of hidden cameras

7. Mörkt

8. Killer oh (guns over friends remix)

9. You’ll never be a better gamer then me (president remix) (III)
If you already thought that Nintendocore was weird, then clearly you haven't listened to this. It has a very angry vibe to it but it isn't that "Metal", if you catch my drift. You could label it "8-Bit Punk" or "Nintendogrind" but I'll just call it "extremely8Bitweirdshitdatyouneedcore".

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