Saturday, April 7, 2012

Unicorn Hole - Squadilah, We Are Off!

Genre: Cybergrind / Nintendocore / Deathcore / Midigrind
From: Pelion, South Carolina (USA)
Year: 2009
Quality: 128 Kbps

Track List
1.squadilah, we are off
2.if you're listening to this song on an i-pod, get a zune
3.if you're listening to this song on a disk, throw it in the microwave for some extra fun
4.if you're listening to this song at all, what the hell is your problem?'s 10:07 and it smells like piss they found a cure for herpes, it's called stop being a filthy whore
7.this song is about as long as my penis
8.throw some brees on it
9.up up down down left right left right b a start you know what sex with a gopher sounds like
11.if the lyrics to this song are on the back of the metriod prime box, it's a coincidence, i swear
12.i hope all of my victim's bodies are biodegradable because littering is bad robot dinosaur penguin toaster (you're gay)
14.a 10-and-a-half year old trapped in an 11-year-old's body's not like this song deserves a name anyway
16.i'd tap that (and by "that" i mean the first guitar riff in this song) ain't over till i say it's over ... okay it's over
18.does this rag smell like cloroform to you?
19.3 million bc the wheel 1928 sliced bread 1998 the legend of zelda ocarina of time, bitch
20.warning: this song may contain peanuts
21.because you're a booger eating poopie pants that's why
22.pies de los muertos (the sad, sad tale of meat feet)
23.i was going to think of a funny song title but then i uh ... didn't
24.the inner workings of a phallic extrusion
25.for the love of all that is holy please discipline your children and by discipline i mean abuse
26.buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo
27.i like my women like i like my slinkies: tumbling down a staircase
28.300 beats per minute, and to the groin mostly
29.another song on this cd really enjoy this song turn the volume down all the way and imagine something nice
31.customers who purchase andy milonakis season one may also like a cucumber and some ass lube
32.i seem to have lost my number, will you have sex with me?
33.blast this shit in a parking lot for instant glorification
34.degrading women is no joke. haha, get it?'s sad when this isn't the longest song title on the cd
36.step one: accepting defeat
37.if i had a dollar for every time you said something stupid i'd buy a gun and stab you with bullets
38.where there's smoke ... they pinch back
39.attack of pentagrandma and grimpa
40.albert wesker needs to sit in the naughty stool and think about what he's done favotire book as a child was clifford gets neutered
42.writing this shit is a lot easier than writing, say, music
43.this song title isn't funny, but it's very true, i've fallen and i'm old as balls
45.if you fap to the tempo of this song chances are you won't live to tell about it
46.enter stage left: the whole world explodes
47.don't talk shit about total
48.i use a drum machine and marco pitruzzella is still faster
49.or what, you'll put your balls on my drum machine?
50.sadistic vaginal grinding corpse molesting morbid cannibalistic gory regurgitated genital bloodbath
51.the following song title is a false statement
52.the previoius song title is a true statement
53.the question is, do you see the beauty in them?
54.i'm pretty sure i could get double-sued for this song
55.they're making me ride the greased-up moose as i type this
56.track number 56 colon music audio for compact disk
57.there are two kinds of guys in this world:
58.there are those who like beef jerkey and dragon ball z
59.and there are those who like dicks in their asses a rockem sockem robot that lost
61.i think this song would be more sensitive if it were about the holocaust
62.unicorn hold would like to thank and simultaneously apologize to

INSANEEEE! 30 seconds for each song, enough to leave your mind boggled and fucked. Now they have sweet vocals and pedals that make Ingested seem like some Post-Hardcore band.

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