Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Watabou - Great Log Is Going Down

Genre: Nintendocore / Instrumental
From: Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA)
Year: 2009
Quality: 320 Kbps

Track List

1. Continuum
2. Paradigm
3. Lolz, mai 57 pWnz uR 110 H4x
4. Busy Busy People
5. BustinASupaSmile
6. Clairvoyant Destitution
7. Esoteric Substratum
8. Starry Night
9. Good Luck, No One’s Come Out Alive
10. Fuck Moshing, Let’s Do A Jig
11. Pirate Key
12. Miscellaneus Melodromatic Adjectives
13. Great Log Is Going Down
14. Continuum Pt. II
Download (MF) / Bandcamp (Free)
Don't dismiss this because of the lame cover art, this is some of dat dope Nintendocore your ears crave.


  1. Busted a Nut at all the Dragon Warrior Monsters< Took Me To the Some of the Deepest Places I've Ever Enjoyed From My Childhood With Some Tokes, Ended Up Bustin Out My gba ^_^ thank you so much for showing me this<3

  2. I sure wish I had a GBA with some old school RPGs *sighs* anyways, glad ya like it :D