Friday, June 8, 2012

Disasterpeace - Discography

Genre: Progressive Chiptune / Rock / Electronic / Instrumental
From: Staten Island, New York (USA)
Quality: All In 320 Kbps

The Chronicles of Jammage the Jam Mage (2005)

Atebite and the Warring Nations (2006)

Check A Song: "Neutral Morning"(Bandcamp) 
(Possibly his shortest album, but weirdly enough, it's gotta the album I've listened the most from him)

Level (2008)
Check A Song: "Three"(Bandcamp)

Midnight Orphans (2010)
Check A Song: "Marathon"(Bandcamp)
(His most calm and chill album)

Deorbit (2011)
Check A Song: "Polis"(Bandcamp)

Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar (2012)
Check A Song: "Club Wolf"(Bandcamp)

(Many of his albums can be found for free at his Bandcamp)
 Just like Danimal Cannon; this dude mixes Chiptune with Progressive Rock and live instruments. The difference is, this dude has been making this for around 7 years! And of course, their sound are drastically different, but amazing nonetheless. I suggest grabbing at least "Atebite", "Level", "Neutralite" and "Obsidian Interstellar". But I SERIOUSLY suggest you grab everything and be blown away.

P.S. He also has made a ton of OST for many (underground) games, mostly mobile games and downloadable ones. Should post them sometime in separate posts.

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