Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Insert Disc - Demo

Genre: 8-Bit / Electronic / Nintendocore / Gorgeouscore
From: Screwston, Texas (USA)
Year: 2007
Quality: 320 Kbps
(No site, you blinked and you missed him)

Track List

1. Insert Disc 1 Plz
2. Moogle Vs. Ultima Weapon
3. FairyTheme Melody
5. critmebabyonemoretime (Demo)
6. Teh Cake Is A Lie (Demo)
7. This Is Teh Last Save Point
Deleted his discography by accident, so this is a re-post. Amazing dude, all these years and the music seems fresh to me and even makes my eyes water like the first day I listened to this. This demo is more Electronic-oriented and longer than his other (2) albums. Amazing nonetheless.

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