Sunday, July 15, 2012

Infirm Individual - I'm Not From Here

Genre: Experimental Chiptune / Psychedelic
From: Germany
Year: 2011
Quality: VBR (~179)
(You can get his whole discography here)

Track List
1. The Oul Rider Theme
2. Shaman's Awakening (The Message)
3. Exorcism Of Ghouls & Ghosts
4. Earth Egg
5. It's Time To Fly (Horsehead Nebula)
6. Spawn Of Resurrection
Gorgeous melodies, trippy sound / space-y / makesyouwannauseillegalsubstances-tunes. The details this dude gives his music, the variety, the vocals here and there; makes this album a CAN'T MISS. Also, if that wasn't enough, the last song has Black Metal vox so... again, you need this.

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