Thursday, July 5, 2012

Slime Girls - Vacation Wasteland (EP)

Genre: Chiptune / 8-Bit Punk
From: California (USA)
Year: 2012
Quality: 320 Kbps
Track List
1. Intro
2. Vacation Wasteland
3. Summer Is Gone
4. Splash Nebula
5. Neo-Tokyo Sunset
6. Time Travel Lament 
7. Starbolt
8. Spring Break 199X
9. Starbolt (Reprise)
10. A Cruel Angel Thesis (Ayanami Reggae Ver.)
Download (MF) / Bandcamp (Free)
Obviously the first thing that comes to mind when seeing "8-Bit Punk" is Anamanaguchi, but this dude (or guys since the drums are played by, I guess, an unofficial member?) clearly knows his stuff. Kinda Summer-feely / Ska-ish guitars, gorgeous Game Boy melodies, fast but still very chill. 

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