Sunday, August 26, 2012

Powerglove - Discography

Genre: Instrumental / Video Game Metal / Power Metal / Progressive
From: Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
Quality: All in 320 Kbps

Total Pwnage EP (2005)
Check A Song: "Birth Of A God"(Youtube)
Metal Combat For The Mortal Man (2007)

Saturday Morning Apocalypse (2010)
Check A Song: "Transformers"(Youtube)

TV/Game Metal (2012)
(Re-done songs from every album, the ones that really shine here are the re-done songs from their old EP and the ones from "Metal Kombat For Mortal Men", I would like "The Decisive Battle" with some extra shred plzzz".)

It was bound to happen that this band was gonna get posted here. Perhaps the most popular VGMetal band right now, and for one good reason - they do it right. They don't just stick to the covers like Daniel Tidwell, they add their own flair to it, making the covers sound original. Also their last album was a TV/Movie cover album instead of their usual VG cover and it's where they REAAAAALLY cranked up their whole sound. New album coming out soon I think, start crying out of happiness now.

P.S. Fixed the "Metal Kombat" album and added their Japan-exclusive album "TV/Game Metal".


  1. Absolutelly brilliant. Thanks a lot!


  2. Ey, wats poppin.
    First, thanks for this share.
    If you ever come across the Video Game Metal album from 2014, could you upload it aswell?
    Thanks mate, have a good day.