Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oaks Parcel - Compilation

Genre: (Classic) Nintendocore
From: Alberta, California (USA)
Year: 2009
Quality: VBR(128-160 Kbps)
Track List

1. Mysidian Malevolence
2. Dragonair (ft. Chris from Vaila)
3. Final Battle
4. Gyarados
5. Haunter (ft. Chris from Vaila)
6. Fountains (Redone Insert Disc Cover)
7. Red Flag
8. Striking Back
9. Lapras (Instrumental) (Rough)
Check A Song: "Gyarados"(Youtube)
The blog that had the correct tracklist (Piranha Party) died, so now there's no order so you can put the tracks however you want. THIS IS A CLASSIC! Ask any Nintendocore fan and they will tell you: "This was one of the best out there". Supposedly, he's back and may even release new stuff? Highly doubtful, but I can dream, right?

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