Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Piranha Party - Forever Forest Compilation (V.A)

Genre: Nintendocore / 8-Bit / Cybergrind / Chiptune / NINTENDO DESTRUCTION
From: Not sure
Year: 2010
Quality: 320 Kbps (Youtube ripped I think)
(And it sounds pretty damn nice for a YT rip)

Track List

1. Weeatpixelsforbreakfast - Wormhole To The Forever Forest
2. Zoanthrope - 64 Bits Of Glory (Forever Forest Remix)
3. Zet - Creatures (PartII)
4. TechnologicaL TerroR - Surviving Chaos
5. Dinotrax - The Warm Caesura
6. Bear-Rilla - Party-Starter
7. Darkness Overcomes Me - Become The Fade...
8. KANGASKHAN'SBABY - Lucario Isn't Horny Enough
9. i Love Your Moms Cooking - Ya Dun Goofed Up (Feat. Andy V)
10. PANDAstar - Relish
11. iii!!! - Cosmo Love Hopper
12. Magic Pan - Sex In The Sand
13. GREEN ROACH - Johnny
14. iamcancer - Here... Take This
15. Super Thrash Bros. - Within A Darkened Forest
16. Death Jelly - I Thought You Said You Were Alive
Check A Song: "Wormhole To The Forever Forest"(Youtube)
Another?: "Johnny"(Youtube)
I can haz da clasix? Props to Kamikaze Console for ripping this up and sharing this classic album from perhaps the greatest blog ever. Here you have some of the who's who of the Myspace era, doing everything from Ambient stuff to full-grown Nintendocore. A must-have for any fans of 8-Bit.

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