Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou - Bleep Shoujo kH'z

Genre: Chiptune / Break
From: Fukuoka, Japan
Year: 2010
Quality: VBR (~255 Kbps)

Track List

1. Beijing Panic Boy

2. Finnish Bullet Train 
3. Sex-Bit 
4. Beach Summer Kisser
5. Enter Your Code 

6. Bit Shift Killer 
7. Her Lovely Front Tooth 
8. Lost LV 
9. Don't Touch That GB 
10. 幸薄き少女マリア
11. Boys'n'Shoujos Kingdom
12. Girl Loves Girl 
13. BSKのスキャットマン (BSK's Scatman)
14. Melodyn King 

15. Your Tube
Check A Song: "Her Lovely Front Tooth"(Soundcloud)
Another?: "Boys'n'Shoujos Kingdom"(Soundcloud)
Super fast, loud but still rather melodic and a bit dancy (assuming you like dancing at a very frenetic speed). Hits hard like a truck, it's just unusual (read:normal for Japanese peeps), and it's just intense, it just doesn't let up.

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