Thursday, November 15, 2012

Petriform - Exposition (Second Anniversary Edition)

Genre: Chiptune / Electronic / Gran Turismocore
From: San Francisco, California (USA)
Year: 2012
Quality: 320 Kbps
Track List

1. The Sky is Not The Limit
2. I-5 Night
3. Airborne
4. Between Here and The Stars
5. The First Breeze
6. The Best Of Times
7. With Every Step I Take
8. Cretaceous Synth
9. Crisis
10. All the World
11. Cope
12. 1:31 AM
13. Black Friday Rain
14. 1-5 Dawn

Download (MF) / Bandcamp (Free)
Check A Song: "I-5 Night"(Youtube)
Another?: "The Best Of Times"(Soundcloud) 
I know I post a lot of "Chiptune/Electronic" but this is more Electronic/DnB with some Chiptune sprinkled over it for good measure. Amazing stuff here, even Chiptune dislikers should be able to enjoy this. This Edition of the album includes all the original tracks from the first version and a bunch of unfinished/scrapped stuff that honestly, could've been another EP since it's awesome stuff too.

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