Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wizwars - Discography

Genre: Chiptune / Thrash
From:Los Angeles, California
Quality: 320 Kbps
(All albums available for Free on his Bandcamp)

Game Boy Rock [Special Edition] (2010)
Check A Song: "8-Bit Raceway"(Youtube)
(His beginnings were more Chiptune than Thrash, but still hits hard and it's fast)

Telstar Arcade (2010)
Check A Song: "Telstar Arcade"(Youtube)
Live in San Francisco (2011)
(Just one song, preview it here)

Welcome To Thrash City (2011)
Check A Song: "Blue Line"(Bandcamp)

The Torture Of Humans For The Sake Of Art (2012)
Check A Song: "Hate Me"(Bandcamp)

Gameboy Gutsfuck (2012)
Check A Song: "Little Worm"(Bandcamp)

Man, this dude makes some banging Chipthrash that you need. His first 2 albums are more Chiptune, but they're fast and awesome too with a bit of Thrash; but since "Welcome To..." that's where shit got real. If you want to crush everything in your path, this is the music to listen to. 

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