Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sifting Through Droppings For Nutrients - Sifting Through Droppings For Nutrients

Genre: Cybergrind / Noise
From:No idea
Year: 2012
Quality: 320 Kbps
(No site)
Track List

1. Battery Acid & Bacteria
2. Drowned Rat
3. Mislead & Miserable
4. Sewage
5. Decaying Machines
6. Devoid
7. Dung Beetles
8. Bending Bodies
9. Sifting Through Droppings For Nutrients
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Check A Song: "Drowned Rat"(Bandcamp)
Another?: "Decaying Machines"(Bandcamp)
A special treat right here, since I normally don't post straight-up Cybergrind, and much less Noise. But this really appealed to me for some odd reason and I just needed to share it since, well, loosely fits what I post here. Short blasts of harsh cybergrind drilling your brain and when it gets Noise-y, it's very "Post-Apocalyptic" sounding and hits just as hard.


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  1. Wow thanks for the re-post! We have a couple new splits up on primeeggsamplerecords.bandcamp.com if you liked this release, you will definitely enjoy the new ones. Glad you dig it and thanks very much for the support!