Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Shady's Mega Epic Top 10 Metal EP's of 2012!

Recently in years, EP's have been coming out more and more; right there with the amounts of Full Lengths released, sometimes even more.
It's an easy to way put music out, it's cheaper and get your name out there faster.

It's a growing trend, but not a bad kind of trend because it really works, or at least it seems like it's working (at least for a decent amount of bands it is). Anyhoo, here are my favorite ones of this year.

#10. The Day Of Remission - Charity Dies
Genre: Technical Deathcore / Melodic

The amount of shred this has is obscene. This thing just oozes talent right from the get-go. Everyone is on point with their instruments with some slight symphonics for good measure. It's kinda Black Dahlia Murder sounding at times, except it's much better.

#9. Issachar - The Tide
Genre: Progressive Metalcore
Preview: "Storm" 

Again, everyone is on point with their instruments. Very BTBAM-like (especially from the Silent Circus/Alaska era) and kinda Post-Rockish. Another one of those albums that just didn't get enough attention.

#8. The Last Ten Seconds Of Life - WARPATH
Genre: Deathcore
Preview: "Warpath"

Basically 2 original songs (one of those could very well be an intro, since it's short) and a Limp Bizkit cover. But these 2 original songs are probably my most listened songs from this year and Warpath is possibly my favorite Deathcore song of all year. Chugfest at it's finest.

#7. The Afterimage - Formless
Genre: Technical Metalcore
Preview: "The Void"

Basically it's like this. Take ERRA, take out the cleans, give it bombastic breakdowns, add a bit more of technicality and make it less repetitive. Yeah, this is more to my liking mmmm.

#6. Circle Of Contempt - Entwine The Threads
Genre: Progressive Deathcore

Possibly my biggest surprise of the year, since I hate their debut album (seriously what's the rage about that album? more djeneric stuff). But this is a welcome change with synths added and some bits of Electronic here and there. And hey, it's not a chugfest like their debut, there's some nice shredding here and it's faster-paced.

#5. Point Below Zero - Self-Titled
Genre: Deathcore

Superbly well-done Deathcore from of course, Australia. Can Australia do anything wrong, in terms of anything related to Deathcore? Well there's new Signal The Firing Squad... but that's more the exception than the rule. Anyways, it has enough Tech to keep you guessing at times with of course, heavy-as-balls breakdowns; very Hester Prynne on that respect.

#4. Xehanort - Birth
Genre: Experimental Deathcore
Preview: "Struggle"

Heavy, synths, soaring leads, John Galloway's voice and Kingdom Hearts references - do I have to give more reasons to explain why this is here and why you gotta check this out right now?

#3. I Magnified - Gayatri Mantra
Genre: Progressive Deathcore

Born Of Osiris having sex with The Contortionist? Something like that, but these guys have their own flavor. The amazing melodic leads, the tasteful synths reminiscent of BoO's The Discovery, the superb drumming - the amazing atmospheres all of those things combine make for a tasty recipe. Check the Preview and agree with me.

#2. Numbers - Self-Titled
Genre: Progressive Metalcore / Electronic

Tasteful use of Electronics, superb range by the vocalist, great instrumentation, odd jazzy interludes and of course, awesome synths that sound kinda 8-Bitish - of course this would be an instant favorite of mine.

#1.Chimp Spanner - All Roads Lead Here
Genre: Progressive Metal / Instrumental / Djent
Preview: "Mӧbius Pt I"

One of the most under-appreciated bands in the modern Prog Metal era. This EP is basically a "How To..." for the hundreds of Polyrhythmic bands popping out every day; mixing tons of genres and adding a certain sci-fi vibe to the music with the leads and synths creating the atmosphere. At times, it reminds me of some Final Fantasy battle themes - which means this shit is BAWZ.



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