Saturday, December 31, 2011

Koji Kondo - The Legend Of Zelda 25th Anniversary Soundtrack
 Genre: Orchestra/ Epic-core
From: Japan (Duh)
Year: 2011
 Quality: 320 Kbps (CD-Rip)

Track List 
  1. The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Medley
2. Kakariko Village - Twilight Princess Theme
3. The Wind Waker Symphonic Movement
4. Gerudo Valley 
5. Great Fairy's Fountain Theme
6. Twilight Princess Symphonic Movement
7. The Legend of Zelda Main Theme Medley
8. Ballad of the Goddes from Sykward Sword
  Mario Galaxy Orchestra - Super Mario Galaxy Official Soundtrack
 Genre: Orchestra/ Epic-core
From: Japan (again Duh)
Year: 2011
 Quality: 320 Kbps (CD-Rip)

Track List 
 1. Overture
2. Starbit Festival
3. Attack! Koopa's Fleet
4. Catastrophe
5. Peach's Castle is Stolen
6. Into the Galaxy
7. Egg Planet
8. Rosetta's Comet Observatory 1
9. Honeybee Kingdom
10. Stardust Road
11. Battlerock
12. Grass Beach
13. Rosetta's Comet Observatory 2
14. Koopa Jr. Appears
15. Teresa Waltz
16. Floater Land
17. Wind Garden
18. Rosetta's Comet Observatory 3
19. Nemesis King Koopa
20. Hell Prominence
21. Galaxy Plant
22. Battle for the Grand Star
23. Dawn ~A New Morning~
24. Birth
25. Super Mario Galaxy
26. Purple Comet
27. Blue Sky Athletics
28. Super Mario 2007 

Download (Zelda): Download
Download (Mario): Download 
Check A Song (Zelda): Youtube
Check A Song (Mario): Youtube 
It's modern classic videogames soundtracks made into epic orchestra, do I need to say more? HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. If you happen to know where to find the Skyward Sword OST for full download at a respectable quality, I'd happily download that.

  2. The Skyward REAL OST of the game? damn I dunno man, the game does have a super awesome soundtrack (what zelda doesnt?)so I could search for it, I will hit u up in your blog if I do find one or not :)

  3. Hey I got your message, yeah anything you could find I'll take. If you know where to get a 320k you could link me to that torrent, or post the 192 mediafire link. I'm sure they both sound good.