Thursday, December 22, 2011

Love Through Cannibalism - Discography

 Genre: 8-Bit/ Breakcore/ Nintendocore
From: Barcelona , Spain
Quality: All in 320 Kbps

MissingNo. EP (Jan 2010)
Kirby's Break Land (Feb 2010)
Metapodestroyer (Jun 2010)
Energy Drink Dream (Extended) (Jun 2010)
Serial Experiments Tangela (Nov 2010)
Enma Ai EP (Jan 2011)
Magic Cloud (Sep 2011)
Check A Song: "Pinsir Used Fly"(Soundcloud)

Enemies (Dec 2011)
Check A Song: "Diamond Skeletons"(Bandcamp) 

(You can get the whole discography at his Bandcamp too.)
A Chipbreak pioneer, very psychedelic, fast and tropical. Anyways, if you love breakcore, you may like this. If you love Nintendocore or anything 8-Bit, you may like this. If you love both, you may love this and gooble it all up. Every album is amazing - I've been listening to the whole discography for months and it doesn't get old, each time I find something new, just amazes me over and over again.

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