Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oscillator - Experiment XIII

 Genre: Technical Death Metal/ Deathcore/ Experimental/ Technical Science Metal 
From: Tampa, Florida (USA)
Year: 2011
Quality: 320 Kbps

Track List

1. Ømen
2. Planetary Devastation
3. Aborted Pt. I
4. Aborted Pt. II
5. Elixir
6. Odium
7. Eradicate
8. Experiment XIII
Download (MF) / Bandcamp ($5)
Download (Instrumental)
Their links Original and Instrumental
Check A Song: "Odium"(Youtube)
 Easily my EP of the year. I strongly recommend checking first the orginal version (with vocals) cuz the dude is a fucking monster. But also check the instrumental version. People say they take a lot of influence from The Contornionist and The Faceless, but I honestly don't hear them , only the vocoder stuff from Faceless and the spacy vibe. It`s super heavy, but technical , not wanky though and some of the stuff they do will make you go "WTF is this shit? o.O" in a good way. And don`t even get me started on the breakdowns...Just get it.

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