Monday, December 26, 2011

Milo - I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here

Genre: Experimental Hip Hop/ Nerd Rap (?)
From: Chicago, Illinois
 Year: 2011
 Quality: 320 Kbps
Track List
 1. Omar Don't Scare
2. Just Us (For My Friend Robert, Who Doesn't
Live Here Anymore)
3. One Lonely Owl
4. The Thief as Always
5. Sanguine Spin Cycles
6. Budding Orthinologists are Weary of Tired
7. Super Happy Sunshine Fun Club ft. Safari
8. Mr. Doubt(w)riter
9. Backpacker's Sermon From Mount Jansport
10. Vinz Clortho Meets Zhul
12. For the Unheard ProBoard Warriors! ft.
Nicholas J
13. Behold! There Appeared a Chariot of Fire
14. Bill Murray's Prayer
Download (MF) / Bandcamp ($1)
Definitely not your typical hip hop. Kinda jazzy beats, a weird style of rapping that sometimes sounds like he's talking but rhyming, but still this is some great shit. The dude is skilled no doubt and the lyrical content seems to be personal stuff so you know this isn't gonna be "I got more ho's and money than you" type of bullshit. Seriously, you like good hip hop , you need to hear this very very very underground gem.  

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