Monday, January 30, 2012

Salt The Wound - Kill The Crown

Genre: Melodic Deathcore
From: Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
Year: 2011
Quality: 320 Kbps
Track List 

1. Kill the Crown
2. To the Top
3. Elle Ess Dee
4. Why Don't You Have A Seat?
5. Cash on Delivery
6. Early Mornings and Late Nights
7. A Year In The Suburbs
8. The Cliff Before The Fall
9. Breathless
10. Consequence

Check A Song: "Elle Ess Dee"(Youtube)
They went back to their roots on this album, while maintaining a sense of progression. This is their most focused and mature album to date, in my opinion. Gone are those (sick) pig squeals and the breakdowns are used in a tasteful quantity. Really great album overall, definitely underrated.

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