Friday, February 17, 2012

Thrown To The Sun - Of Oceans And Raindrops

Genre: Progressive Death Metal / Experimental
From: Ístanbul, Turkey
Year: 2011
Quality: 320 Kbps

Track List 

1. Adrift
2. Ravenous Sun
3. Kaczynski
4. Inward Reflection
5. Burning Circle
6. The Crumbling
7. Seized by Obscurity
8. Locus of Nullity
9. Evoker Pt. 1: A Ground to Fall Upon
10. Laceration
11. Afterglow
12. The Ocean Beneath the Universe

Download (MF) / Bandcamp (Free)
Another one of those very unknown gems on the Prog Death scene. Kinda reminds of Gojira in a few instances for some odd reason and it's atmospheric at times (again new Fallujah isn't a revolution in the genre, get over it). Also, it may seem weird but on very few instances it has a Math-y vibe to it, WHICH should be a plus.

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