Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dungeon Elite [**] - Dance Dance Evolution

Genre: Post-Hardcore / Electronic / Nintendocore
From: Roma, Italy
Year: 2009
Quality: 320 Kbps

Track List

1. Vegeta vs Dungeon Elite [**]
2. Destroy the Runner
3. Airplane A.O.E.
4. Give It Up for Me! You! Us!
5. Bloody Bastards Never Die
6. The Sun
7. Dancing Over the Flow
8. WipeOut
9. Put Your Hands for Yourself
10. Stay Togheter for the Pics
11. Sunder Armor and Tunder Clap
12. The Rain

I swear, the first time I heard this album... I HATED IT!!!! I was like: "What the hell happened to the Make Love... Dungeon Elite?". Until like a month ago, I decided to give it another chance and lo and behold, it has grown on me. It's definitely a bit different since it's more dance-y, more Electronic rather than Nintendocore and overall just gay-er, but it's definitely a fun album. Give it a chance, like I did haha.

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