Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bubblegum Octopus - The Album Fomerly Known As "8-Legged Dance Moves"

Genre: Nintendocore / Cybergrind / Electronic / Experimental / Spazzpop
From: Verona, New Jersey (USA)
Year: 2009
Quality: 320 Kbps
Track List 
1. Life Story = Fire
2. Disco Party
3. Candy Store Looting Party
4. I'll Beat You Up
5. Spiders On My Toes
6. Story of the 8-bit Compy (Ver. 2)
7. Akm'Axl&Held
8. Eating The Not-So-Yummy Pie of Sadness
9. God's Pink Laser
10. Assplosions Over Hyperdeath
11. Mermaid Song
12. Cat Machine!
13. meow flute
14. Great Beard; Happy Mustache
15. Meredith's Village
16. I'M SO MAD!
17. My First And Most Specialest Graveyard
18. Erin Battle
19. Falcon Breeze
20. Paper Punch Out Dreams
21. You're A Bad Cat Man
22. Slow Life
23. Storm of Envy
24. Neighbors Do Bad Things
25. No Advice
Download (MF) / Bandcamp ($6)
It's his old album (or EP or Demo, whatever) with higher quality and a few changes on their sound (I prefer some of the old versions better, but that`s just me) with about 14 new songs. All of them very spastic, frantic and overall just nuts. Another classic 8-bit album that any fan of this stuff should check.


  1. Love you M@, ever since day one!! dunno how long its been since i talked to exodius on AOL instant messenger but you and he should know I listen to your music alot! aka, keep doing what you're doing. forever

  2. Well. now after my accidental reach out from my heart, all that needs to be said about BGO is Fast, Slow, Hard, Soft, Techno, Breakdown, Intense!!! Soft... Cry, Laugh, Feel, pain... Emotions. Graceful in everything that is composed. such a great experience and amazing variety of feels in just one track, now listen t the other 15 on the album! O_O