Monday, July 30, 2012

The Depreciation Guild - Spirit Youth

Genre: Shoegaze / Chiptune / Dreampop
From: Brooklyn, New York (USA)
Year: 2010
Quality: 256 Kbps

Track List

1. My Chariot
2. Crucify You
3. Blue Lily
4. Dream About Me
5. November
6. Trace
7. A Key Turns
8. Spirit Youth
9. Through the Snow
10. White Moth

Check A Song: "My Chariot"(Youtube) 
How Bout Another?: "Spirit Youth"(Youtube) 
My personal favorite - and their less "Bleepy" (weird, you would think the more 8-Bit, the better). There's still tons of 8-Bit, but now it's more subtle and everything just shines. Also, on a side note, "White Moth" made my eyes water out of sheer epicness - should be enough reason to get this.

(P.S. I totally just noticed that I put the wrong pic on the music files - you can either wait for tomorrow for me  to fix or just copy the pic yourself and add it.)

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