Monday, July 30, 2012

Xuice Hades - Bushido

Genre: Hip Hop / Rap
From: Sacramento, California (USA)
Year: 2011
Quality: 320 Kbps

Track List

1. NightsAloneWithMycrophone
3. River City Ransom ft. Nicatyne
4. Akira
5. Steam 'n Hot feat. Blapstar
6. Non Stop Flight feat. Yae
7. Captain Save A Flow
8. Real Spit
9. A Story About Hip Hop
10. Fume Bomba! [Nefarious 420 Remix]
11. Bread To Win feat. Yae
12. Living On Various Emotions
13. Animale
14. Bon Apetit
15. When I Was Younger
16. Flexxx
17. F.H.K.O. feat. Trade Voorhees & Yae
18. Your Substitute [Vintage]
19. Perfect
20. Vegas Nites [Chopped and Screwed]
21. Ophelia ft. Trade Voorhees
22. Home Sweet Home feat. Yae
23. It's A Wrap
24. Kush ft. Nicatyne
25. Catch My Ones
26. Pick Up Stix
27. 3000 Booty Wobble [Lucid00 Remix]
28. Fume Bomba!
29. Hunger feat. Yae
30. Final Boss ft. Nicatyne
31. Fly High Or Die!
32. Disregard All Turbulance ft. Yae
33. Spinning Backfist [Barre Kelly Mix]
34. Float ft. Nicatyne
35. Hershey Kisses
36. On Dat High Shit
37. Another Broke Celebrity
38. Turn The City Out ft. C Plus
39. UFO [AREYOU Remix]
40. Swing My Way ft. Carlton Bank$
41. Ecstacy ft. Nicatyne
42. Nice ft. Yae
43. In The Nutty ft. JoEL the BARbarian and Nicatyne
44. Viva El Norte
45. Just What I Need ft. Nicatyne
46. The Chill Pill
47. Vegas Nites ft. Trade Voorhees & Toxsikk
48. End Of Daze
49. Suicide Doors (Crash Course II)
50. The Great's Depression

Download (1-25)
Download (26-50)
Check A Song: "Akira"(Youtube)

YES!! I saw this got deleted on Bandcamp, and I decided that I just had to post this. 50 tracks!! Some old, some new - all of them dope as fuck. Great beats with a Japanese-vibe to it, nice flow and rhymes, chill at times and raw as sushi other times. It seems he's a bit of a recluse though - such a shame; this dude needs to be heard by more people.

(P.S. He's part of the collective "Fly High Or Die!". You can go ahead and check their repertoire here. Everyone is equally dope and I may post some of their stuff from time to time - depending on my laziness.)

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