Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ChipHydra - Life of a Hydra

Genre: Chiptune
From: Warren, New Jersey (USA)
Year: 2008
Quality: VBR (~161 Kbps)
Track List
1. Amplitude
2. Calm Collapse of the Earth
3. Anything With Heart
4. Ninten
5. Pixel Scream
6. Machete Decapacitate
7. Drill Eater
8. Miles Away From Here
9. Jasmine
10. Passg2nowhre
11. Aspiring
12. Clover
13. ShuffleXQH
14. Twinklesky (gb mix)
15. Gtor
16. Rest
Check A Song: "Pixel Scream"(Youtube)
Another?: "Passg2nowhre"(Youtube) 
This dude released an EP that I already posted here and while it's decent, this stuff blows it out of the water. More straight-up Chip, fast, upbeat, melodic and kinda dancy - Chip enthusiasts can't miss this.

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