Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ChipHydra - The Promised Land

Genre: Chiptune
From: Warren, New Jersey (USA)
Year: 2010
Quality: VBR (~200 Kbps)
Track List

1. Welcome
2. You Are My Only
3. Life of a Hydra
4. Like Static Paint on a Moving Object
5. Knife Tree
6. Girl Behind the Gas Mask
7. Disaster Chainsaw Beautiful
8. Is This The End
9. Lucky Guy
10. Machete Revival
11. No Time For Luminosity
12. Nice To Know Ya
13. Underwater Scarecrow
14. Something's Missing... (edit)
15. Here I Go Again
16. Nice To Forget Ya
Check A Song: "You Are My Only"(Youtube)
Another?: "Disaster Chainsaw Beautiful"(Youtube)
More well-done Chiptune coming from this dude; this was actually his last album before he called it quits :/.

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