Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Karbofos - Turbo Sound

Genre: Chiptune
Year: 2007
Quality: 192 Kbps
(No site or info of his whereabouts)

Track List

1. Little Girl With Big Yellow Bow
2. Insane
3. Meat Grinder
4. Goddy
5. KK (feat. Kyv)
6. Lichu Naroketi!
7. S2A
8. Kwrwk RMX
9. Funky Envelopes
10. Napalmodium
11. No Power 2
12. Overloaded RMX
13. Trotil Sausage
Check A Song: "Insane"(Youtube)
Another?: "Lichu Naroketi!"(Youtube)
Disregard that lame-ass cover art, this is some pretty funky Chiptune. Just a very fun vibe going on, pretty simple stuff and minimal on the sweeps/arpeggios.

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