Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Arwing - Demo 2K9

Genre: Electronic / Nintendopop / Core (?)
From: Reading, Pennsylvania (USA)
Year: 2009
Quality: 192 Kbps
Track List

1. An Octopus Love Affair
2. Honestly
3. Daytime Woes, And A Revelation
4. Skycrapers
5. Daylight (Matt & Kim Cover)
Download (MF) / Bandcamp (2$)
Check A Song: "Daytime Woes, And A Revelation"(Bandcamp)
 Electronic music with some "Fake Metal" (that's how the band describes it), super poppy and 8-bit as hell. A rather unique combination, makes me headbang, but dance and wave my head around in happiness too. Like earlier Abandon All Ships! with more 8-Bit and less gay. Lets just call it "Nintendopopcore" or just good music haha.

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